Thursday, May 22, 2014

Darksiders I review

Hi again,

I just wanted to get one more post out of the way since I haven't made any for a while (I deleted old posts from over a year ago.). But back to the topic at hand, Darksiders I. This was by far one of my most enjoyable games I've played for a while. Darksiders was a nice refresh for me from the common run and shoot games of today. It was different in a way that made you glad to play it. Darksiders in short is about a war between angles and demons. The apocalypse. You play as the horseman War as the devastation starts on a calm Earth. I don't want to reveal anymore about the story because it has a couple twists right off the bat I don't want to ruin. But what I can tell you is its a God of War style slash & gore game that you need to play. I booted this up at least once a day late at night to get a bit more. I finally finished it a couple days ago and really recommend the game. On a scale of 1 to 10 the game is a solid 8. and If the second is anything like the first, you can expect a positive review in the near future. 

Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

Whats up everyone!?

So I just watched the 101 trailer for Watch Dogs, and the only thing I can say is I'm impressed! It's like if GTA but with a new twist. Who wouldn't love to be able to control their city? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. If you haven't heard about Watch Dogs, you must truly live under a rock. The basics of this game is that you live in a futuristic Chicago which is controlled by a program called ctOS, which you just so happen to be able to hack. You can control everything from stoplights to the entire power grid. Your potential is limitless with possibilities in this game. Also the game has a very blended multiplier mode and story. This game is everything someone could hope for, so now all we have to do is hope we don't get let down. If you want further info i suggest the 101 trailer as it gives a perfect synopsis of the game. Have fun gaming everyone, and I hope to see you soon.

Long Time...

Hey guys!

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything, but it's time to get this show back on the road! I'm here to keep you guys up to track on the news and reviews of games future and past! I've got a couple reviews inbound shortly! see you guys soon!