Thursday, May 22, 2014

Darksiders I review

Hi again,

I just wanted to get one more post out of the way since I haven't made any for a while (I deleted old posts from over a year ago.). But back to the topic at hand, Darksiders I. This was by far one of my most enjoyable games I've played for a while. Darksiders was a nice refresh for me from the common run and shoot games of today. It was different in a way that made you glad to play it. Darksiders in short is about a war between angles and demons. The apocalypse. You play as the horseman War as the devastation starts on a calm Earth. I don't want to reveal anymore about the story because it has a couple twists right off the bat I don't want to ruin. But what I can tell you is its a God of War style slash & gore game that you need to play. I booted this up at least once a day late at night to get a bit more. I finally finished it a couple days ago and really recommend the game. On a scale of 1 to 10 the game is a solid 8. and If the second is anything like the first, you can expect a positive review in the near future. 

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